I learned how to code. Now what?

2 min readMar 6, 2022

Problem Solving, Analyzing Code, Becoming Efficient Programmer

I learned how to code from Flatiron School from February — June 2021. I spent the next few months hunkering down doing personal projects, trying out code wars, and applying for countless amounts of entry level positions.

What I learned in that process was that now that I had learned the foundations of programming it was time to focus on areas that will make me a more efficient coder and boot me up from novice to intermediate programmer. Things such as; writing code that takes less time, less space, choosing more efficient methods, making files more readable, building modular applications, and so on.

That list can be exhaustive. Knowing that there is much more to programming than just getting your application to run is a good place to start. Without a background in computer science it was time to start learning the basics for me. I started with trying to learn and understand time complexity, how it will make code faster and remove unneeded processes. With this understanding came the need to get better at problem solving which I work on by solving problems on Codewars.

What we can do as novice programmers is begin to learn how the code will run and be able to analyze the code we write. I encourage you to not just do personal projects to solidify what you have learned but to stay engaged and analyze that code for ways to make it better.

Some of the tools and channels that have helped me so far:


Learning. Puttin up shots in Angular and Java and Python and anything else I get my hands on. Sights set on becoming a gainfully employed developer.