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Looking to find the sum of all numbers between two integers? I got you.

I love loops. For this problem I have used two “for” loops to solve the problem although there, as always, has to be a better way.

We will first need to create a variable, “nums”, that points to an empty array that we can push numbers to. After we create this variable we will use the first “for” loop to push all numbers between the two values into that array.

Assuming the two values were given to us as arguments we will call them “a’ and…

Ever been building a single page application using React and get an error similar to, “TypeError: Cannot property “slice” of undefined” whenever you refresh the page?

Error before conditional rendering

I ran into this problem during my time at Flatiron School but I have to admit, I found work arounds while coding my final project that made it work but never fixed the problem. The problem is that React is trying to render a component that is accessing data before your data is available. React does NOT wait to render unless you tell it. …

What? Redux is a state management tool for Javascript applications. It stores state in a separate component and allows you to access any part of state from any component without having to pass things from parent to child in the form of props. It also allows you to update state from anywhere in your application by using “actions”. When your application starts to scale up and you are needing to use pieces of information in multiple components, passing things down as props can make your code be over saturated. Redux helps solve that problem.

Why? It is more manageable to…

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

During my interviews as a line cook; a senior, highly advanced, brunch runnin’, dual spatula weilding, plancha cook, I was asked if I had the necessary tools for the job. During my time as a student in rhetoric and communications, we were always told to use common literary tools that would allow us to break down the work and see the moving parts that make up the whole of the work. Ah yes, tools. Not a word that is just reserved for the components inside one of those aluminum saddle boxes, those treasure chests of tool boxes in the beds…

Building a Single Page Application

Crack your knuckles, grab a cold Topo Chico, put it on a coaster, please, and get ready to start your first React project from scratch. By the end of this blog you will be able to start/generate a new project, render data, and see your changes in the browser………instantly!, yes, instantly.

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

We are going to generate our project from the terminal. These initial steps are assuming you have node.js and npm installed on your machine. If you do not, click HERE.

The first step is to building a single page application is to cd to the proper path in your…

Creating and Appending an Element

While creating a web page or application you will surely, at one point, ned to restructure the way it looks or feels by manipulating the DOM, Document Object Model. (To learn about what the DOM is, We can do this by creating and appending elements to the DOM in our window, using JavaScript.

Creating and appending an element is just one way to change the DOM and be able to dynamically change your application. To dynamically change is to add things to the DOM without having to change the html files. …

Real quick about querySelector() and getElementbyId() first.

Manipulating the objects on a screen is a great way to begin to understand what the abilities of knowing the language can do. Using the dev tools you can temporarily make changes to html and css of a page as well as run javascript in the console.

Using the console is a fun way to learn javascript and to see the code you write change the DOM in real time. You can find an element on a page, and assign it a new value.

You can change elements directly in the Elements tab or you can use JavaScript in the…

Commando Theater CLI.

  1. Access a Sqlite3 Database using ActiveRecord.
  2. Have a minimum of three models.
  3. Build out a CLI to give your user full CRUD ability for at least one of your resources. For example, build out a command line To-Do list. A user should be able to create a new to-do, see all todos, update a todo item, and delete a todo. Todos can be grouped into categories, so that a to-do has many categories and categories have many to-dos.
  4. Use OO design patterns. Have separate classes for your models and CLI interface.

My first challenge as a student of Flatiron was to create a command line application, CLI, using Sinatra and ActiveRecord to access an sqlite database. To use classes that held many associations, and give on fell CRUD capability.

My CLI idea was to create an application that allowed guests to create an account(create), browse movies(read), purchase tickets, sign in to view, or change information(update) as well as cancel a ticket or account(delete). Guests would be the class that had full CRUD capability.

I had my database tables setup and models with the proper associations which led me to start to…


My aim is to learn, through peers and personal projects, so that I may confidently say I am a decent full stack web developer. Let’s take a seat at the table.

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