Ever been building a single page application using React and get an error similar to, “TypeError: Cannot property “slice” of undefined” whenever you refresh the page?

Error before conditional rendering

I ran into this problem during my time at Flatiron School but I have to admit, I found work arounds while coding my final…

Building a Single Page Application

Crack your knuckles, grab a cold Topo Chico, put it on a coaster, please, and get ready to start your first React project from scratch. By the end of this blog you will be able to start/generate a new project, render data, and see your changes in the browser………instantly!, …

Real quick about querySelector() and getElementbyId() first.

Manipulating the objects on a screen is a great way to begin to understand what the abilities of knowing the language can do. Using the dev tools you can temporarily make changes to html and css of a page as well as run javascript in the console.

Using the console…

Commando Theater CLI.

  1. Access a Sqlite3 Database using ActiveRecord.
  2. Have a minimum of three models.
  3. Build out a CLI to give your user full CRUD ability for at least one of your resources. For example, build out a command line To-Do list. A user should be able to create a…

My first challenge as a student of Flatiron was to create a command line application, CLI, using Sinatra and ActiveRecord to access an sqlite database. To use classes that held many associations, and give on fell CRUD capability.

My CLI idea was to create an application that allowed guests to…


My aim is to learn, through peers and personal projects, so that I may confidently say I am a decent full stack web developer. Let’s take a seat at the table.

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